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vacation workouts

We all know how hard it is to find the time to work out while on vacation or traveling. Limited equipment, difficulty finding a local gym, short on time - there are many reasons why it's easy to simply skip a workout - but most people find that they have more energy and feel better through the day if they can get a short amount of moving in. Here we've put together a few workouts that you can do through the holidays or during other travel to stay active without burning all your day up!

For all the workouts below, you can use generally available equipment that you'd find in a hotel gym or similar environment. Jump ropes can be easily traveled with and any monostructural movement (running, biking, rowing, jump roping) can be substituted as you'd like based on the machine or movement you want to do. Any dumbbell or kettlebell movements can be performed using either piece of equipment (eg use a dumbbell similar to a kettlebell by holding on one head of the dumbbell).

If you have no access to equipment, get creative! A backpack serves as a very similar implement to a kettlebell or med ball and can be loaded with full water bottles or other load in order to simulate weight - be careful not to overload it and rip off the top handle!

Have fun!

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