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Head Coach. Entrepreneur. Olympic Weightlifter. ​

Lacey found CrossFit in 2014 while she was in college. Before getting serious with CrossFit she had the typical college lifestyle of fast food, little sleep,  and low activity - leading to  high cholesterol and pre-diabetes.


Then she found CrossFit. It not only taught her healthier habits but also gave her a community of people who supported each other and pushed each other to be better each and every day.  CrossFit helped reverse her health decline and pave the way to wellness


 Ever since, she's been heavily active with many gyms and has a passion for CrossFit, coaching, and youth programs. 


Coach. Engineer. Business Guy. ​

Patrick has been doing CrossFit since 2014, experiencing many different coaches and gyms over that time, and recognized that we've moved away from moving well. His passion for fitness and helping others move well emboldened him to start a gym with Lacey in 2019.

Outside of the gym, Patrick loves spending time backpacking, building things, and spending time with the dogs.


Coach. Interior Designer. Olympic Grade Napper.

Lulú decided to give CrossFit a shot over a decade ago and has been coaching since 2012. Want to know WHY she decided to try CrossFit? She had that one friend who wouldn’t shut up about it! But hey, now CrossFit is (and has been) a major and very important part of her life.  Learning what a healthy lifestyle really means and meeting a great amount of amazing people throughout the years, made her want to be part of it as a coach…  because knowing that other people will  get to experience these things –and more-  really lights up her soul. 

When she’s not at the gym she’s either napping or going on mini adventures with her daughter and dog. 



Coach. Media Junkie, Dog and Coffee Lover

Jennifer found CrossFit by chance, while teaching spin at a gym in East Texas. Her first class was GI Jane, and even though she couldn't move after, she was hooked! That was 10 years ago. She's been coaching for 9 years, and has her L2. Her passion is seeing others learn something new or figure out what works for them and igniting that same passion for fitness and wellness. CrossFit has brought friendships and fun to her life too. Jennifer had the chance to work for CrossFit HQ for Regionals and the Games, watching elite athletes push their bodies to the limits and making friends from all over the world. Talk about a fun job! But it always comes back to helping others and teaching skills they can use daily.

If you haven't met Jenn, you've probably met her dog, Ellie. Resident gym pup and expert level beggar. Jenn and Ellie enjoy anything that gets them outdoors, especially the beach! Say hi, to one or both. The dog prefers a good scratch. 

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Coach, retired teacher, marathon runner, grandmother


It was my son that first introduced me to CrossFit in the fall of 2014.  He encouraged me to attend a Saturday community workout at the gym where he was coaching.  I remember thinking afterwards that this was not for me. Was I wrong! Guess who became the newest member the following Monday?


Health and fitness have always been  a big part of my personal life.  Before CrossFit, I spent 15 years training and running marathons.  Each race and course was unique presenting challenges  to complete. CrossFit offers a daily challenge which is why I enjoy it so much. 


In 2019, I qualified for the Online Masters Open in my age division which was such a fun experience. I have run 43 marathons, and have been coaching for two years. Having the opportunity to share my passion for health and fitness with others means so much to me. I am honored to be a part of this amazing hard working community at Enspiren.


In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with family and exploring life with my husband, Randall

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Coach, Business man, Comedian by night



Jerry’s fitness journey began like that of many others’.

Born 11.5 pounds, his weight and health struggles started immediately and spanned over 25 years.  After trying all the fad diets and latest exercise programs in an attempt to take control of his health and failing each time, he was about to accept his fate in an unhealthy body when he found CrossFit in 2008 and had his life changed forever.

Like some other exercise programs, he liked that the science behind the methodology was sound.  However, he found the social and community aspects worked hand in hand with the science to achieve sustained results.  Where he used to dread going to a globo gym, wandering around aimlessly and working out by himself, he found himself looking forward to heading to CrossFit to socialize and compete with new found friends while an experienced coach took the class step by step through a well thought out program.  Being surrounded by a group of supportive individuals in a fun and competitive environment changed the way he looked at fitness.

Jerry began coaching in 2012 and loves sharing his passion for fitness with all of our athletes and will go above and beyond to help them achieve their fitness goals.

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Coach, Dog Mom, Your New Best Friend

Deby was born and raised in Michigan where she attended Western Michigan University earning a bachelors in marketing and an MBA in international business. Through high school and college, Deby was always active in soccer, track and field and had an interest in physical activities. With her competitive spirit, she transitioned to running marathons and competing in figure competitions before eventually finding CrossFit.

CrossFit has been a way for Deby to be a part of a community that shares her passion for fitness and has given her an outlet for her high energy. Deby’s infectious energy motivates and inspires others to constantly improve. She is a positive person who brings joy to any workout and her coaching goal is to encourage people along their fitness journey and make them feel welcomed as part of the uplifting CrossFit community. Deby has a love for her two dogs and can often be found walking around town with them when she is not in the gym. Some of her favorite things to do are backpacking, hiking, and mountain biking.

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Coach, Retired Firefighter, Native Houstonian

Brad first found a love for fitness while playing high school football and running track. He loves to keep a variety in his training between weightlifting, CrossFit and Running. Brad's favorite part of coaching is seeing people push themselves to their limits and helping them reach their goals.  

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Coach. Plant Lady. Burpee Lover.

Dana started CrossFit in 2011 after realizing her monotonous training at the local gym wasn’t cutting it. She grew up doing gymnastics and playing every sport her older brothers made her do and she missed that friendly competition. Her favorite thing about CrossFit is the community; the members basically become an extended family!  

Outside of the gym, you will find Dana hanging out with her dog, cooking or most likely talking to her plants.